How To Get Started With PostCSS-BEM

When it comes to writing CSS, I think it's a pretty safe statement to say that writing componentized CSS is a big improvement over having one giant monolithic CSS file.  One way to write componentized CSS is to use BEM.  Writing BEM classes can becom[...]

Tips To Deal With IE and CSS-Grid

CSS-grid is a great layout that can help you create more concise and flexible grids in CSS...  however, like most web-based technologies, if you decide to start using them, you need to think about older browser support.  I've built a few sites using [...]

Social Search Code Challenge

Write an application that: Takes in a person’s name Searches a social media network for that person Returns known details for that person Feel free to connect to any social media site you want (eg. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), or evenmock yo[...]

Guards In Javascript Using Invariant

In this tutorial, you will learn a technique that if used correctly, can help you write code that contains fewer bugs.  When writing any software, writing testable code is key.  Unit tests should guarantee that the code you have written does what it [...]

What Is Functional Programming In Javascript?

In this tutorial, you will gain an understanding of what functional programming is and how you can use some functional techniques to help you write more concise and easier to understand code.  Functional programming has been around a long time.     [...]
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