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40 Essential Tools For .NET Developers

I've been meaning to publish this for ages, so after nearly a year of planning...... Software Resharper : Simply the best .NET tool... FACT. Try it once and you'll never go back. Son Of Obsidian : Cool Visual Studio theme that will help reduce eye [...]

Essential Books For CMS .NET Developers To Read

As a developer, I think keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and gaining a deeper knowledge about our field, is key to producing quality solutions.  It's also not possible any more to learn everything you need to learn on the job.  Imagine you w[...]

Great Open Source Libraries For .NET CMS Developers

As a CMS developer, one of the biggest pains I feel in my projects is change.  Change is part and parcel of creating websites, as it's 'simple' to move a few things around on screen...  Clients who asks for feature 'x' today will almost certainly wan[...]

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