Serialization and Deserialization

I don't know why, but when I first started to lean how to program I thought Serialization and Deserialization sounded like complex thigns to understand and conseuqntly I put off looking into it for as long as possible.  If you're in this boat don't be.  In simple terms Serialization and Deserialization is just converting an object from one type into another type.  FOr example, say you want to store a list of objects in a database, or, CSV file.  In this process you would serialize your object ino a string so you can save it in a flat structure.  When you need access to the objects again, you deserialization.

How To Serialise And Deserialise Your C# Objects With Json.NET

If you're new to .NET then one of your go to Nuget packages that you'll very likely use on most projects is JSON.NET. As the name implies, allows you do do all things JSON related.  However, as part of its many features, JSON.NET also provid[...]

How To Cast Interfaces With JSON.NET

If you've read my previous article about JSON.NET then you'll know how easy it is to serialize your C# objects into JSON so you can store them in a database, CSV file or text file.  One thing my last article didn't cover, which confuses several peopl[...]

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