Code Reviews

Performing code reviews is a very benefical process for your team to adopt.  The benefits of code reviews are increased team knowledge about how your system behaves, knowledge sharing so more senior peopel can mentor junior people, improved testing/bug finding, higher quality, as when someone knows their code will be reviewed, it is more likely they will work to a higher standard.  

Performing code reviews can be done in a few ways, someone coming over to another persons desk and making some comments.  I've found that this process doesn't really work that well.  TO do code reviews well you really need ot use a tool.  This section will review some of the different ways and some of the different tools that you can use to perform code reviews in your company. 

Absolute Beginners Guide To Using Gerrit With Git

I've started at a new contract very recently and it's the first time I've come across Gerrit.  Gerrit is a code review tool that allows you to hook into GIT and prevents any code being added into your repository unless it has been peer-reviewed.  If [...]

A Code Review Checklist

On a recent project, a client had a very in-depth peer review system using a web based code review system called Gerrit.  Gerrit works with GIT and prevents unauthorized developers to push changes into master Git repository. Instead, Gerrit provides [...]

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