Resharper Tips

Resharper is an essential tool that will help you write better code.  in this section, you will learn to make the most out of ReSharper.  You will learn some useful shortcuts as well as get an insight into some features that are super cool but are turned off by default.

Refactoring Tools Reviewed, ReSharper Is it worth the money?

If you haven't used Resharper before, then this guide is for you.  In this guide, I'm going to give a brief overview of Resharper, what benefits it can give you and an explanation as to whether it's worth the money or not. What is ReSharper? ReShar[...]

Configuring Resharper 9

If you work in a lot of environments you will be used to a wide array of different coding styles, curly braces, no curly braces, comments, no-comments.. the list can go on and on and be very heatedly debated by engineers.  If you're like me, I config[...]

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