Developer Tool Tutorials

One of the main benefits of .NET is the sheer quantity of tools and packages available.  Most of these tools are free and are really good.  If there's a popular Nuget package that provides the functionality that you are after, 99% of the time it's always better to use that, than write something from scratch,

A lot of the plug-in doesn't have the best documentation in the world.  It is not uncommon that you need to spend a good few hours figuring out how a particular library should work. In this section, you will find tutorials on the tools and packages that I use all the time.  All these tutorials have been written because I couldn't find the information I needed.   Some examples of these tools include Visual Studio, JSON.NET and Log4NET. 


NDepends is a code analysis tool that integrates with Visual Studio.  In simpler terms, NDepends will check your code against a set of rules and generate a comprehensive report that will help your team write better code.  In this section, you will find tutorials that will help you make the most of NDepends.


Log4Net is the most popular logging framework used within .NET.  In this section, you will learn how to install Log4Net, how to troubleshoot it when it doesn't work and how to configure it to work with a third-party data source.


In this section, you will learn all about JSON.NET and how to use it.  JSON.NET is a library that will help convert your objects into JSON.  JSON.NET also makes serialization and deserialization super simple.  If you want to store a list of objects in a database, or, CSV file, converting objects into a string takes a few lines of code with JSON.NET. 

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a great tool, however, you will sometimes run into issues with it.  In this section, you will find workarounds for general issues I've encountered over the years using it.

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