In this section, you will find tutorials about NDepends.  NDepends is a code analysis tool that integrates with Visual Studio.

What Is NDepends?

Building high-quality and well-crafted software is not an impossible ideal, regardless of how much experience your team possesses, or how tight a deadline might be you can ensure that quality is part of your process.  Without the right process or too[...]

How NDepend Can Make Your Life More Bearable On Legacy Projects

If you are currently working on a legacy project and you want to make your life easier, then this article is for you. Recently, I started working on a high-traffic/high-profile fashion website.  Due to a time-sensitive warehousing relocation, the we[...]

NDepends with Patrick The Lead Developer From NDepends

I constantly research and experiment with new tools to try and make me more productive.  Recently, I've been playing with NDepends which is a code analysis tool that promises to help you write better code.  Recently, I had a very special interview wi[...]

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