Continuous Integration

Getting Started Advice For People Who Want To Start Using Continuous Intergration

Today I'm going to talk about deployments.  If you are new to automated deployments then this article will hopefully give you some food for thought towards some improvements you can implement.   If you read this and the old skooapproachibes your depl[...]

How To Save Hours Setting Up Your Development Enviroments - Introduction To Chocolatey

This year, it feels like I've spent a lot of my time helping clients automate their deployment processes. Cloud servers are definitely gaining traction nowadays. Umbraco, as a service has been out for a while, Episerver is strongly focusing on DXC, t[...]

Useful Build-server Scripts

The scripts below are based on bulid server tasks that I've needed to do over the years.  Most of these scripts won't be applicable for most projects, but someone might find these useful :P

Powershell Script To Enable Proxy Within IIS (ARR)

In today's post, I'm going to explain how you can use powershell script to enable proxy forwarding using Application Request Routing cache (ARR). If you are a regular reader of this website, then you will know that I recommend investing the time and [...]

Clearing Your Temp Internet Files With PowerShell

This one's just a quick reference mainly for myself. If you want to reset IIS and clear your temp internet files quickly, you can use this script: net stop w3svc Remove-Item -Path "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET F[...]

How To Upload Files to S3 Using MSBuild

On a recent project, we needed to copy a number of text files containing JSON files and several DLL's from our solution onto our staging environment. For most companies, I'd recommend looking at Octopus Deploy to do this work. This client didn't want[...]

Configuring SlowCheetah to transform your web.config in your MSBuild script

On one of the projects I was working with, we wanted to enable web.config transforms.. simple.  In our set-up we were using Jenkins as the CI server.  In their build process, they were doing a build (not a publish) and copying over the project.  On t[...]

How To Check What Versions Of .NET Installed On Your PC

<p>This is more of a quick reminder to myself, but, to find out all the versions of .net installed on your PC you simply need to run:</p> <pre>wmic /namespace:\\root\cimv2 path win32_product where "name like '%%.NET%%'" get version </pre>

How To Transform Your App.configs With SLowCheeta And MsBuild

If you run unit tests in your project, then it's very likely that you'll have one or more settings that will need to change depending on which environment you're using, e.g. the build server might need to use a different setting than your local PC.  [...]

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