How You Can Use AutoFixture and AutoData To Drastically Improve Your Unit Tests - Part 1

If you have ever worked on a large project using TDD, or, you've worked on a big project where the team was aiming for a very high test coverage, then you'll understand the time and effort it take to write your tests set-up code.  In some instances, [...]

How You Can Use AutoFixture To Test Your Guards Easily

Writing boring boilerplate test sucks.  When it comes to writing monotonous tests, I sometimes feel like I'd rather shoot myself in the foot just so I can get out of it.  This hatred of doing dull repetitive tasks generally means I'm constantly Googl[...]

How To Get AutoFixtures AutoData Property To Work With NUNit

I've previously written about my love for Autofixture and how I'd recommend that you start using it on your project to make you drastically reduce the amount of unit testing set-up code you'll need to write.  I tend to use NUnit on projects (with a l[...]

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