Ms Test Vs NUnit Vs xUnit... Which Ones The Best? YOU DECIDE!

On any .NET project you should be writing unit tests.  I won't go into the benefits of unit testing here, but when you're new to unit testing, after understanding the importance of testing and deciding to get stuck in, the next thing you need to deci[...]

Quick And Dirty Guide To Unit Testing With NUnit

Today's guide is going to be very quick and simple.  The actual writing of the unit test is usually pretty easy, the harder part is knowing how to write testable code, setting up/mocking the set dependencies required for your tests and also wrapping [...]

How To Pass Parameters Into Your NUnit Tests

When a lot of people start unit testing, they seem to think that because the code isn't 'production' code that the unit test code doesn't really matter that much and that they can hack together something quick and dirty and it doesn't matter. Genera[...]

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