How to Make Social Media Work as a Startup

Success on social media is the dream of many companies, small and large. It can also be quite difficult for a startup just starting out. After all, gone are the days when a hashtag and a wish could send you viral in a heartbeat.

The way that people use social media has fundamentally changed, especially in the way that they interact with brands, making the capture of your audience’s attention harder than ever before, while at the same time it is paramount for success as a business. After all, the more engaged your audience is, the more likely they will be to buy from your startup and support you.

So, how exactly do you go about making social media work for your startup and make a splash in the online world?

1) Schedule Everything

This is the real trick for making social media work for you as a busy startup. Keeping ahead of your social media posts helps to save you time, whilst also ensuring that you have a constant online presence. Always working, even when you’re not.

There are plenty of apps (or you can even invest in your own with the help of a mobile app development company) and websites that make this possible, they even allow you to connect your various social media profiles to do so. Link Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a string of coherent posts that gets your content out there on all channels.

2) Share Content

No matter the size of your startup - from one to one hundred - you should have a company blog. From here, you can update your customer base and inform them of exciting industry trends. Then you can share your valuable content on social media for your audience to discover.

Sharing content is an easy way to grow your social following. The better your content, the more inclined they will be to share as well.

3) Master the CTA

Increasing your engagement on social media can be strongly affected by strong calls to action. Ask people to share your posts can be the most effective way to do this, as the direct approach is always the best. Getting your audience to engage with you is often a simple case of asking them to do so.

Create a sense of urgency in your CTA for extra effect, as it prompts quick action.

4) Be a Hashtag Ninja

Hashtags are a big part of every social media channel now. Whether you like it or not! The right hashtag at just the right second can springboard you into social media fame, it’s just a case of finding the right one. Which is easier said than done in most cases.

The right hashtag isn’t necessarily the same thing between social platforms. So, this always takes a bit of research but can be very beneficial if you tailor hashtags between the different networks.

A good hashtag is also a great thing to utilise if you plan on live Tweeting. As if you manage to gain attention via a trending hashtag, you could grow your follower count overnight. Sometimes all it takes is the right hashtag to make social media work for your startup.

5) Invest in Video

The more visual your posts, the more likely they are to be shared by your target audience. Recently, the growth of video marketing on social media has skyrocketed and been very successful. Some companies have even based their whole brand around videos (taking a leaf out of the book of YouTube ‘celebrities’).

For example, brands like Tasty are centred around their cooking videos; but, they also sell a host of merchandise off the back of this such as cookbooks, their new one top stove cooker and even cooking kits for their US audience. So, although their brand lives and dies on the quality of their video content they still have a host of other services.

Of course, if you are a tech startup company you won’t find much use in creating a how-to video for the perfect souffle. So it is best to research and create videos that fit your niche. However, if you create relevant, useful, videos targeted at your startup niche you could put your company on top of the social media pile. Who knows, maybe you will even reach the hallowed vital status.

And there you have it! Growing your social media presence to make it work for your startup isn’t always a walk in the park, but it can be extremely rewarding when done right. Simply invest the time up front, employ some of these methods, and see what happens!

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