<p>In this video, I share the best career tip I learnt 10 years ago, this single tip helped me jumped my salary 150%. It might not be the 'sexiest' tip you'll ever hear, but if you simply follow it, it's almost guaranteed you'll make cash money!</p>

How I Nearly Got Fired At My First Job!

After I graduated from university, I got a job at one of the largest CMS vendors in the UK (at the time).  When I started, the training program at the time, was to put new graduates on the support desk for 3-6 months and then progress them into the s[...]

Bullshit Myths I Believed When I Started Coding

When I started programming, I thought to be good at my job, meant you needed an encyclopedic knowledge of the programming language I used, C#. When I went to interviews I always felt like a fraud as I was always conscious the number of things I didn'[...]

4 Tips To Help You Get A Pay Rise!

If you're anything like me, then you'll want to get paid as much as possible for the time you spend working.  When I worked within as an employee, one of the things I noticed at the different companies where I worked, was that no matter how good (or [...]
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