5 Reasons Why You Should Blog as a Software Developer

In today's post, I'm going to write about how I've used this website to help me make more money. A few years' ago, I was working on some very new and not widely used CMS product that had very bad documentation and virtually no information existed on-[...]

The Purpose Of a Technical Architect

Being an architect on a project is like being the rebel, you're the person who needs to generate unique ideas, to stand out and challenge the status quo.  Changing the status quo requires a commitment, it involves putting yourself on the line, jumpin[...]

Don't Settle For Being An Average Developer

As a contractor, I work with a diverse bunch of developers, some really good, some terrible and the majority in the middle.  When I work on a project, I want to create something way above average.. the term I like to use is excellent.  Has everything[...]

Focusing Your Attention Correctly On A Project

When you work on a project with a tight deadline, maintaining the right focus can sometimes be hard, but it's an essential skill when you are architecturing a website. To create remarkable work, you need to explore the edges of what's possible, to cr[...]

Agency Vs Client side... what is better?

One of the biggest things that can alter how you architect your CMS project, is the environment you're working in. When dealing with large co-corporate websites, you will either be working for a digital agency who are specialists in delivering CMS pr[...]

The Technical Architect's Manifesto

This manifesto is about designing excellence, it's not about just working on a project for the sake of it, but actually taking pride in your work and doing something meaningful.  Being the person responsible for the design of a website is no small ta[...]

What skills do you need to become an architect?

Having an in-depth knowledge on a topic or technology, on it's own, isn't enough to be able to class yourself as a senior person or an architect nowadays.  If your only differentiator is you know a little bit more than a few junior developers, then y[...]
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