Learn IT Contracting

Very few contractors regret their decision to break with traditional employment and start out on their own. Our site provides all the information you'll need to operate a successful professional contracting business - whether you're thinking of taking the plunge, or if you're a seasoned pro.  I started contracting 6 years ago and all the advice provider here has been tried and tested by me.  

Starting Out

If you've been thinking about leaving your permanent job in pursuit of becoming a contractor, this section is for you.  Contracting can pay more money, but there are other considerations.  Could you handle being unemployed for months?  Do you have the motivation to learn new technologies? Are you happy with the risk?  I've been through this process and this section and in these tutorials, I share these experiences.

Setting Up A Company

If you want to start a PLC in the UK then these tutorials will walk you through the process.

Finding Work

In this section, you will learn some practical ways to increase your chances of finding work.  In permanent positions, you will only need to look for work every few years.  When you go into contract, you might need to find several contracts per year.  Job sites are the main source of contracts but it's not the only one.

Life Balance

When you become self-employed its very easy to work too much.  I'm writing this on a Saturday morning, after working over 50 hours this week.  Granted not every week been like this one.  In this section, you will find some advice and food for thought about overworking.

Tax, Law And Accounts

Concise guides to all things tax, contract and paperwork that you'll encounter as a contractor, and how to manage your company accounts.

Late Paying Clients

What happens if you do some work and the client doesn't pay you?  This has happened to me.  In this section, you will find out, how I delt with the situation and how I eventually got all my owed money back.

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