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Top 3 Tips For Finding Good Recruitment Agents

To win good contracts, it is essential to find the right client to work for. In the majority of situations, recruitment agencies are the key to connecting you with the people who require your specific skills. Selecting the right recruitment agency is[...]

A Contractors Guide To Writing A Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the main way you can market yourself on LinkedIn,  Your profile will help you to promote yourself to attract new clients.  Your LinkedIn profile is not the same as a CV.  Your profile is a tool to help market and sell yoursel[...]

Four Questions To Make Sure You Only Work On Amazing Contracts

After you've managed to secure your first few contracts and you've gained a bit more experience, the next step up the ladder is choosing your contracts wisely.  In my life, the best example of the importance of choosing the rights project is Barry.  [...]

Finding Your First Client as A Contractor

As many contractors would agree, one of the hardest things that you have to deal with, when starting, would be finding the right client. It will be good if you can start looking for clients at least two weeks before your target of starting with work.[...]

Are You Searching for an IT Contract?

Often we hear the phrase that your professional life and personal life is different and should be kept separate, however, the balance is very important.  In today's job market, there are many people just like you who are trying to get work with even [...]

Top 10 Tips for Developers Writing Their CV's

The world is changing rapidly for many IT professionals. In the past, the emphasis was on finding employment with a large multinational firm and then sticking with it until the end of your working days. That isn't a viable option nowadays, however. I[...]

Dominating This Busy IT Contracting Period with the Perfect Pitch

The busy IT contracting period can be considered as an opportunity to get started in a new career or to rebuild one that you believe has failed in helping you achieve your goals in life. Nonetheless, if there is one thing you have to keep in mind, it[...]

How To Find an IT Contract job

One of the best parts of having a self-employed IT contract job is that it allows you to have complete control over when and where you will be working. However, it also means that you will be spending a lot of time trying to get clients in the first [...]

How to Get an IT Contractor Role in London?

Are you an IT contractor in London, who is looking for a new position? Well, there are many IT contractors who make use of the internet for finding out the contract vacancies. These vacancies are usually posted by the recruitment firms. While some co[...]

Market Yourself As A Contractor on Linked In 10 Minutes A Day

One of the biggest factors of becoming a successful contractor is being able to consistently win new work quickly.  The quicker you can win work inbetween contracts the less stress you'll experience and the more money your business will make at the e[...]

3 Reasons Why Marketing Yourself As a Brand is Important

As a contractor, you know that the most important factor in winning more business is getting the word out about it. There are many other contractors in the same industry doing exactly the same thing. So, what would set your business apart? The answer[...]

How Recommendations Could Help You Land Your Next Contract Gig

One of the biggest concerns of all contractors when a contract ends is how long will it be until I get another pay cheque? One tip that a lot of people don't maximise to their full advantage is 'recommendations'. After you finish a contract, try and [...]

How to Find Lucrative Work as an IT Contractor

Taking the leap from full-time work to contracting for a living can be an exciting prospect. No longer do you have to stay in one place for years on end, you can be your own boss and only take on those projects that excite you! However, before you ta[...]

The 9 Best Mobile Apps For Contractors

Whether you're about to branch out into contracting, or, you're a seasoned pro, you should be fully aware of how competitive the job market can be at times. In order to give yourself the best chance of success, you need to know about and use the best[...]

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