Late Paying Clients

How To Approach Your Client On Overdue Payments

Unfortunately when you contract directly, late payments can occur. Approach your client in the correct manner is key to ensuring you get paid and keep a good relationship to continue working together in the future. How To Communication With th[...]

The Number One Thing That Will Guarantee You Won't Get Paid As A Contractor

Sadly, as contractors, if you work directly with companies, once in a while you will very likely come across a client that is difficult in paying you.  It's happened to me before.  You do the work, bill your client and then a few weeks later there is[...]

My Client is Late In Paying Me... Now What?

We've all heard the saying 'Life's Not Fair' and in business this definitely holds true.  I've had clients where I've worked late for free, come in from home, worked weekends to keep their clients' happy, you invoice them for all your hard work, a mo[...]

How To Get Results When Chasing A Client For Money

I have posted a few times about trying to get money from clients. In my opinion, if you find yourself stuck with a bad client who is constantly late in paying, gives you false promises, ignores your emails, then it's time to cut them loose. Regardles[...]

Client Not A Good Fit? – 3 Tips To Spot Good Ones

When it comes to becoming an IT contractor, you’re going to have to learn fast about clients that may or may not be good fits for you. If you go via an agency then life is a lot easier. If you have a contract directly with a client though, you need t[...]

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