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The Dark Side Of Contracting: Anxiety

One of the least mentioned aspects talked about surrounding contracting is anxiety. The concept of packing up your job and getting your first contract makes a lot of people nervous. Anxiety about the unknown is perfectly natural... after all, your[...]

The Smart Contractor’s Guide to Avoiding Burning Out

More often than not, a lot of contractors put in too many hours and do not take enough time off. I've done it myself a few times and it can be hard to catch the signs that you are already burning out. There will come a time when merely the presence o[...]

Are you worried about how to make money in between contracts ?

One of the most frequent concerns that gets raised whenever I talk to someone about getting their first contract, is being able to cover their bills.  Getting the first contract is one of the biggest hurdles, but the second concern most newbies have [...]

Picking The Right Type Of Contracts For You

You know one of the really frustrating things I found about permanent work? Not having the power to be able to pick the type of projects I wanted to work on.  When I was working in a permanent role, the business would win work and then, based on who [...]

5 Signs it is Time to Get A New Contract

One of the vital life skills that an IT professional must learn is to know when it is time to change jobs. There are many reasons why a person must change jobs, and one must be able to know the right time to do so. There are several signs that you ne[...]

My Contract Terminated Early... Now What?

In the world of contracting, you get very used to having your situation change quickly.  One contingency that you will always need to plan for is what would happen if a contract terminates early?   Having a contract terminating early can be gutting a[...]

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