Setting Up A Company

How To Register A Private Limited Company in the UK

Every successful contractor will encounter this problem at the beginning of their careers... how do I get paid?  When you have a permanent job, the HR person asks for your bank details in your first week and magically, one day, you will see some mone[...]

As A Contractor How Do I Get Paid?

An ex-colleague of mine started free-lancing the other day and he emailed me to ask me about the payment process, so I thought I'd explain it. The exact process you will need to follow will be different if you are invoicing a client directly, or via [...]

4 Tips To Help You Pick An Accountant

After you start contracting, you will inevitably need to do all those proper grown up business things.  If you are running a contracting business, you will usually have one or two invoices coming in each year and a handful of expenses, travel, food e[...]

Do I Need an Accountant to be a Contractor?

There is a growing trend about opting to hire IT contractors than the usual hiring of permanent IT departments for the past few years in the UK, most specifically in the London contracting. This has become extensive in the recent years since IT contr[...]

Limited Company or Umbrella Company: Which Should you Choose?

As a contractor, you will be confronted with numerous dilemmas before you can offer your services to your target market. Among other things, you need to decide whether you are going to operate as a limited company or as an umbrella company. You need [...]

Why You Should Go for a Limited Company as a Contractor

As you may have known by now as an aspiring contractor, you can either go for a limited company or an umbrella company. Since both of these types naturally comes with their own sets of perks and disadvantages, it is quite normal to be torn between ch[...]

5 Things You Will Need To Do Before Getting Your First Contract

If you have tuned into the fact that prosperity is usually achieved by those who set up their own businesses or become their own bosses, you have come to the right page. This briefly discusses the bureaucracy when becoming an IT contractor. You are n[...]

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