Starting Out

These articles will guide you through your first steps as you leave the permanent world behind.

Am I Good Enough To Become A Contractor?

I'll paint the scene quickly, I was in my 20's in my second job and I had about three years experience under my belt.  The company I worked for had just hired a contractor named Rich, who was a friend of a friend.  He was about my age (27-28) with ro[...]

Steps To Become A Contractor

So, you've decided to become a contractor. Becoming a contractor is a process that involves multiple steps and it is important to give each of them the same amount of attention. There are six major steps to becoming a contractor and they all must be [...]

The Top 5 Excuses Why You Aren't Contracting Right Now

I don't have the money:  After I hear this, I always ask what the person is going to do to start saving and they stare at me blankly.  If this is your excuse, you need to figure out how much your monthly outgoings are, how much you need to cover a fe[...]

6 Tips For Transitioning From A Full-time Job To A Contractor

If you are reading this, then I'm assuming that you've been thinking about becoming a contractor. A lot of people might get enticed by the hefty day rates or the freedom, but most people getting into contracting fail to understand that it can be very[...]

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Contracting Today

There are many pros and cons between contracting and permanent roles.  In my career, I only ever really heard the benefits of going the standard 'safe' route.  Go to a company, work hard, try to get promoted and beg, once every few years, to get a me[...]

How Do You Become An It Contractor?

Upon deciding that you want to be a contractor, there are several stages you will need to negotiate before beginning your first contract work. Consider If Contracting Is What You Want Ask the majority of contractors if they at all regret making the[...]

How to Find an IT Contracting Job

You have so many ways to find an IT contracting job. How to find an IT contracting job involves both direct interactions with end-customers and through recruitment agencies. Sometimes, when the market is on a downfall, it is very crucial that you tak[...]

When is the Best Time to Transition into a Contract Role

There are some IT professionals in the UK who are undecided if they should quit their jobs and become a contractor or not. They don’t know when the time is right to transition into a contract role. While there really is no easy way to determine when [...]

8 Reaons why you should get a contracting job

Today's post is part two of a series that will highlight the pro's and the con's of becoming a contractor.  If you missed the first part, you can get up to speed here.  In this second part, I will list all the benefits I've personally experienced fro[...]

Deciding if being a self employed contractor is right for you

I work and live in London and I've been contracting and freelancing for about three years now. Speaking from my own experience, getting a contract has been the best decision I've ever made.  I mean, I'm so enthused by it, I started a website helping [...]

If I Contract Will I Have To Move Location?

A lot of people don't really stop to consider the difference between choosing a contracting gig and a freelancing gig. In my world, the difference is location. Freelancers work from home and contractors work out of their client's offices. I can't ans[...]

I can't get a contract right now because...

I've been contracting for several years now and I get asked, quite frequently, about how I got into contracting. My story is quite lucky.  I was seeing a girl who worked in the PR department of an agency, and they had just won a big contract and they[...]

Should I Quit My Job And Get A Contract ?

As I came up with the concept of this course, I was sitting on the beach in Portugal, on my second jug of Sangria, in the scorching heat. My contract had been terminated early and I had 5 paid days until I started my next one, so what better way to s[...]

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