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6 Tips for Creating The Perfect Invoice For Contractors

After you have won your first contract, at some point you will need to send your client an invoice. Creating a good professional invoice is key to getting repeat business and making sure you get paid on time. In today's guide, I'm going to cover a fe[...]

Step-By-Step Guide How To Create An Invoice

As it's the end of the month, I've just finished submitting this month's invoice, so I thought I would write down the process.  If you download my 'Getting Into Contracting' guide I have included an Invoice template you can use. Time-sheets On most [...]

Top Tax Tips for London-Based IT Contractors

Contractors in London have to deal with tax at some point of their career. As a contractor, you are obligated by law to pay the right taxes. The number of taxes you might encounter depends on whether you are a limited or umbrella company contractor. [...]

A Contractors Guide How To Managing Your Paperwork

After you have set-up your own company, legally you have a few responsibilities, two of which are submitting your annual returns and your quarterly VAT returns.   If you are sensible, you will hire an accountant to do all the submissions and take adv[...]

Understanding Contract of Employment Protocols Part 1

When you go into the work force, you are going to find that many companies deal within the world of contracts. A contract with an employer is something that not only delivers the job requirements, but it will outline several elements that you, as an [...]

Understanding Contract of Employment Protocols Part 2

As you progress with employment contracts, you will find that the major details or “terms” come into fruition. Accepting a job is a good thing, but you should know the expectations that are going to be outlined through verbal and non-verbal agreement[...]

Understanding Contract of Employment Protocols Part 3

As you navigate employment contracts, you will find that collective agreements can end up coming into the frame. Many people understand contracts from a personalized perspective, but sometimes there’s other elements involved with the negotiation, and[...]

Understanding Contract of Employment Protocols Part 4

One of the most important things that you should understand when looking at a contract of employment is in regards to problems. There are going to be problems that you may have to traverse, and if you see anything that doesn't add up, you have to mak[...]

The Contractors Do’s and Don'ts When Negotiating A Contract

Asides from not getting an account soon enough, the second biggest mistake you'll make as a contractor is not negating and clarifying your contracts enough. We all get so accustomed to skipping the T&C's for the latest iPhone upgrade, it is very [...]

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