The Eight Queens Puzzle

The "eight queens" puzzle is a well-known puzzle, going back to 1848. The problem is to try to place eight queens on a chessboard so that none of them are attacking any of the others - remember that the queen can move as far as she likes vertically, [...]

Payment Service Test

Instructions   �In ‘PaymentService.cs’ you will find a method for making a payment. At a high level the steps for making a payment are: Lookup the account the payment is being made from. Check that the account is in a valid state to make the pa[...]

The Bee Game

The objective of this exercise is to create a .Net application that performs the following tasks, using C#: A web page must be produced as the interface to play the game. Styling is neither expected nor necessary. A button must be present to kick[...]

Social Media Lookup Test

Write an application that: Takes in a person’s name Searches a social media network for that person Returns known details for that person Feel free to connect to any social media site you want (eg. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), or even mock y[...]

C# Beginner Exercises

Exercise 1 Write some method that takes in the age of a person and displays it on screen, the output of the program should be 'You are {age} years old.' Exercise 2 Write an interative method that displays the asterisk pattern below: ***** **** ***[...]
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