The Bee Game

The objective of this exercise is to create a .Net application that performs the following tasks, using C#:

  • A web page must be produced as the interface to play the game. Styling is neither expected nor necessary.
  • A button must be present to kick off the process of hitting a random bee.
  • All code must be submitted to work in a local environment. Hosted solutions will be rejected.
  • The game must adhere to the following rules and constraints.


There are three types of bees in this game:

Queen Bee

  • The Queen Bee has a lifespan of 100 Hit Points.
  •  When the Queen Bee is hit, 8 Hit Points are deducted from her lifespan.
  • If/When the Queen Bee has run out of Hit Points, All remaining alive Bees automatically run out of hit points.
  • There is only 1 Queen Bee.

Worker Bee 

  • Worker Bees have a lifespan of 75 Hit Points.
  • When a Worker Bee is hit, 10 Hit Points are deducted from his lifespan.
  • There are 5 Worker Bees.

Drone Bee

  • Drone Bees have a lifespan of 50 Hit Points.
  • When a Drone Bee is hit, 12 Hit Points are deducted from his lifespan.
  • There are 8 Drone Bees


To play, there must be a button that enables a user to “hit” a random bee. The selection of a bee must be random. When the bees are all dead, the game must be able to reset itself with full life bees for another round. The application must run through a browser.

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