Webpage Performance Guide

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Webpage Performance Guide Overview

You can spend thousands of hours creating the world's best content, but, if when someone tried to visit your web page and it takes forever to load a page then people won't stick around long enough to read it  Research has found that if your web pages take longer than 2-5 seconds then people will leave your site before they even view your content.  If you have a slow website you may as well give up now.  Not only will you rank worse in Google than your competitors.  It is a well-known fact that Google’s search algorithm includes your page load times as one of the many parameters while calculating page rank. Let’s have a look at what Google has to say about site speed and how it might affect your website and the size of your audience.

What you will learn

After completing this guide, you should be able to:

  • Why Performance Is Important
  • Benchmarking Tools
  • Performance Tools
  • Tips N Tricks
  • Mistakes To Avoid
  • SEO Tips

Still Need Convincing?

As a webmaster, you have only a few precious seconds to grab and retain your visitor’s attention and you shouldn’t waste those seconds on loading.It doesn’t matter if you sell goods, offer services or have a simple blog. If your website is slow, you will be losing traffic, visitors and possibly money. Generally, if your website takes more than a second to load - it’s slow and needs optimizing

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