How To Get Started With PostCSS-BEM

When it comes to writing CSS, I think it's a pretty safe statement to say that writing componentized CSS is a big improvement over having one giant monolithic CSS file.  One way to write componentized CSS is to use BEM.  Writing BEM classes can becom[...]

Tips To Deal With IE and CSS-Grid

CSS-grid is a great layout that can help you create more concise and flexible grids in CSS...  however, like most web-based technologies, if you decide to start using them, you need to think about older browser support.  I've built a few sites using [...]

Useful Code Snippets To Help You Write Cypress Tests

In this tutorial. I will share some code-snippets I have found useful when writing test using Cypress.  For those of yo new to Cypress  suggest you start here. Skeleton Class First, lets start with a skeleton class to get us going: describe(", ()=&gt[...]

The Eight Queens Puzzle

The "eight queens" puzzle is a well-known puzzle, going back to 1848. The problem is to try to place eight queens on a chessboard so that none of them are attacking any of the others - remember that the queen can move as far as she likes vertically, [...]

Payment Service Test

Instructions   �In ‘PaymentService.cs’ you will find a method for making a payment. At a high level the steps for making a payment are: Lookup the account the payment is being made from. Check that the account is in a valid state to make the pa[...]
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