Big Words Explained

When it comes to learning computer science, or, reading books on a new topic you are interested in.  It's very common to come across complicated words that describe things.  Computer science seems to be full of them, like declarative, polymorphism, transpiling. 

In most situations, these words are describing simple terms and ideas that are easy to understand.  As books can be littered with these complicated sounding words, can be written in much simpler terms using plain English.

In this section, I aim to try and demystifying some of these words to make your life a little easier.   

What Does Declarative and Imperative Programming Mean?

In this tutorial, you will learn what people mean when they talk about declarative and imperative.  The concepts behind these terms are simple.  After reading this tutorial, you will understand their concepts. Say What You Mean! Have you ever asked[...]

What The Hell Is An Isomorphic Web Application?!?!?

In this tutorial, you will learn in simple English what people mean when they talk about an isomorphic web app.   The first time I heard this term I think my brain made an association with Xenomorph - from the alien's film - and I had images for some[...]

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