In this section, you will learn about useful NPM packages that will make your life easier.  One of the best reasons to use Javascript is that there is a huge library of reusable code just waiting for you to get started with.

I've worked on React websites, Angular websites, Knock websites and plain old vanilla Javascript websites within many different types of organizations.  The articles in this section will cover the NPM packages I recommend that you consider when you are starting a new project.

What Is Babel and Why Use It?

In this tutorial, you will learn about a useful Javascript tool that will help you build a website that works in all browsers.  As any frontend developer will know, writing code that works in all browsers is tough.  Back in the days, a good portion o[...]

Introduction To Polyfills In Javascript

In this tutorial, you will learn how to ensure that the Javascript you write works in any browser.  In my last tutorial, I gave an introduction to Babel.  With ECMAScript 2015+ came a slew of new features - promises, fetch, arrow functions - all sort[...]

How To Get Started With PostCSS-BEM

When it comes to writing CSS, I think it's a pretty safe statement to say that writing componentized CSS is a big improvement over having one giant monolithic CSS file.  One way to write componentized CSS is to use BEM.  Writing BEM classes can becom[...]

Guards In Javascript Using Invariant

In this tutorial, you will learn a technique that if used correctly, can help you write code that contains fewer bugs.  When writing any software, writing testable code is key.  Unit tests should guarantee that the code you have written does what it [...]

Husky - An Easy Way To Add Git Pre-Commit Hooks Into Your Project

In today's tutorial, you will learn a simple way to add in git pre-commit hooks to your Javascript project, using Husky.  Husky is a package that when configured correctly, will enforce that your code runs against a pre-commit check that you can defi[...]

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