As a programming language, Javascript has been used by web developers within the browser for a long time.  Javascript is a really powerful language that can developers with a lot of powerful functionality, way more than within a browser, however, up until semi-recently not many technologies have taken advantage of that.

NodeJs has redefined the usage of Javascript by allowing Javascript scripts to be run server side.  Running Javascript serverside means developers can now write API'S, web servers, apps, CiCd pipelines all with Javascript.  This new power has skyrocketed Javascript popularity which is why it is now the most used language on the planet.

NodeJs allow you to run server-side Javascript.  When you combine Node with NPM you have a very powerful language with a ton of really useful plug-ins at your fingers.  When you use Express with Node you can write your own website in about 15 lines of code.

NodeJs is definitely a worthwhile framework to use.  If you know Javascript then you can begin writing server-side Javascript apps really easily.  In this section, you will learn everything to get started with NodeJs.



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