This episodes question was asked by Vic. Vic wanted to which Umbraco packages I recommended for people new to Umbraco to check out and I have done just that. If you just want to skip straight to the good stuff, you can find my list here: https://o[...]

What Is BEM and SUIT?

BEM and SUIT are class naming conventions that help to keep stylesheets function-oriented and organized, as well as helping other developers recognize the purpose of various classes. These two methodologies lay out a naming convention for classes th[...]

Tips On Using PostCSS With Javascript

If you use a Javascript bundler - like web pack - and you're creating your production ready JS and CSS it is likely that you will use Post-CSS, CSS Loader etc..  In this tutorial I will go over some basic configurations to enable and disable some def[...]

How To Get An IPublishedContent from a Uid In Umbraco

When working with document types and properties within Umbraco 99% of the time you will be dealing with IPublishedContent and ids.  If you use the Model Builder and you work with properties like a content picker, multi-node tree picker, nest content,[...]
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