Pro Tips To Make You A Visual Studio Ninja

Control + D Will save you a lot of typing! command + d.  starts selecting next thing same as highlighted option: creates multiple cursors Easy Lorum Ispon Just type in Lorum and hit tab and you'll get a snippet of Lorum Ipson, like so: Lor[...]

The Quick and Dirty Way To Mock Your JSON Endpoints

When building any project, you may need to talk to some end-point and to get some JSON to display on your webpage.  In development, how do you go about this?  One option might be to save the JSON to your local disk and then read it in.  This approach[...]

Installing Node With NVM

In this tutorial, you will learn about NVM and how you can use it to install Node.js.  NVM stands for Node version manager.  You can use NVM to install Node. If you are starting off with Node then simply install it on your computer will do.  When you[...]

How To Fix ng: command not found On A Mac

If you think you have installed angular but you still see issues, then try this: 1. Uninstall Everything npm uninstall -g angular-cli npm uninstall -g @angular/cli npm cache clean 2. Re-install npm install -g @angular/[...]

How To Import Languages Using Umbraco

In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with languages in your Umbraco website, all through code.  It is possible to work with languages manually within the Umbraco backend, however, any manual content import can burn a lot of your precious proj[...]
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