What Javascript Framework Should You Learn?

In this episode, I answer a question from Geoff.  Geoff like a lot of people is struggling to decide which Javascript framework to learn. In this episode, I talk about how you can evaluate if a framework is worth learning, the benefit between follo[...]

Three Fundamentals Of Writing Good HTML and CSS

Understanding the fundamentals of writing good code, whether it be HTML, CSS, Javascript or C# is essential in order to write well-crafted code.   As a software professional, if you don't care about writing good code then you might be in the wrong pr[...]

Getting Vulcan Search Up And Running Locally

Recently, I needed to get a client's website up and running on my local PC, the gotcha... it uses Vulcan search, which is a third-party search plug-in, which I've never used before.  In today's guide, I'm going to cover the errors and the steps I fol[...]

What Happens To CSS When A Webpage Is Loaded

Understanding how a browser loads up and renders a page is an important part of becoming a CSS ninja.  In this guide, you will learn how CSS works and how it is loaded How Are CSS Style Defined? A CSS rule consists of a selector and a declaration b[...]

NDepends with Patrick The Lead Developer From NDepends

I constantly research and experiment with new tools to try and make me more productive.  Recently, I've been playing with NDepends which is a code analysis tool that promises to help you write better code.  Recently, I had a very special interview wi[...]

What Is NDepends?

Building high-quality and well-crafted software is not an impossible ideal, regardless of how much experience your team possesses, or how tight a deadline might be you can ensure that quality is part of your process.  Without the right process or too[...]

JonDJones June Update

6 months ago I made a few new years resolutions. In this episode, I open up about how my journeys progressing, what's working and what's not. In this episode, I talk frankly about how I think this channel is going, my website, my business and the thi[...]

What Is A Headless CMS?

In this episode, I talk about headless CMS systems and what they are,. I've recently been working on large enterprise CMS that's headless and I share some insights about how I've found it. For those of you who haven't heard of headless, it's the new[...]