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If you are looking for an experienced node freelance developer who can do an epic job for you, then read on.  There are numerous reasons why you might need a node freelancer, you're running behind schedule on a project and you need an extra pair of hands, you've just won a new client and you need skills, your current developer is ill and you need someone to fill in for a short time.  No matter what the reason is, when you need help it's hard to find someone you can trust.

Finding the right node freelancer for your project is probably one of the key ingredients for getting a project successfully delivered. With over a decades worth of website experience and an owner of a popular CMS blog that's been read over a million times then I'm confident no matter what you throw at me, I'll get the job done for you. 


Enterprise level React.js Experience

Very comfortable creating, deploying and managing APIs written in Node.js

Setting up Ci/Cd Pipelines



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React - Redux - Jest - Enyzme 

Javascript - Node.js


Docker - Kubenetes

Do you have a product idea but can’t execute it yourself?

 I am able to build a MVP for you from scratch. It would be a vertical cut through all the technologies from the client-side application, connecting it to a database, deploying and hosting it. Along the way, it should solve the most complex problems of your use case. Afterward, it can go even beyond the initial MVP which is up to you. It’s your opportunity to have me as dedicated developer to bootstrap your idea in an effective and efficient way.

Does your company consider a migration to web technologies but no one is there for a proper on-boarding?

I gathered plenty of experiences in the domain of web development, software engineering and JavaScript during the last years, especially in JavaScript, and can help you transitioning to it. In my recent company, I made the exact same experiences by migrating from a Java Wicket application to a Angular application and from a Angular 1.x to React. There were a lot of challenges to overcome. It’s your opportunity to have me as your helping hand for this endavour.

Does your application need more contributing developers?

In the past, I have collected enough knowledge to work efficiently in large code bases with a team and different workflows and tools. I would want to be invested in your project, to learn about it, but also to earn my share. The other way around, you get a reliable developer who is eager to have an impact in your tech stack, who solves complex problems, and who is keen to work with your team.

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