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JonDJones C Sharp Style Guide

When you have multiple developers working on a project, having a style guide is important to ensure that your source code is written in a consistent manner.  As the old adage goes, developers spend more time reading code than they do writing it.  IMH[...]

What is Redis and Should I Be Using It?

When we start to think about caching, one of the first things that you will need to think about is where will the cached data live?  First, if you're using a traditional infrastructure platform, you'll have your own web servers and you could conside[...]

How To Write Frontend Unit Tests with C# and Selenium

I think a lot of developers have heard of Selenium, however, from my experience very few teams get around to using Selenium on their projects.  Like Unit Testing in general, I think most people have 'frontend' testing on their 'we SHOULD do this list[...]

Ultimate Guide To Installing Elmah Within Umbraco

If you haven't come across ELMAH yet, then you should definitely do some research on it.  Elmah provides a nice UI so you can view your server errors from a web page rather than needing to log onto your server and looking within your App_Data folder.[...]

Bullshit Myths I Believed When I Started Coding

When I started programming, I thought to be good at my job, meant you needed an encyclopedic knowledge of the programming language I used, C#. When I went to interviews I always felt like a fraud as I was always conscious the number of things I didn'[...]
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