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Steps On How To Deploy Your Website Without Stress

In this guide, you will learn how I tend to deploy a website.  Why listen to me?  I've been deploying websites for large enterprise level organizations for over 15 years.  I've worked with some of the biggest companies in the UK.  I've worked within [...]

The Bee Game

The objective of this exercise is to create a .Net application that performs the following tasks, using C#: A web page must be produced as the interface to play the game. Styling is neither expected nor necessary. A button must be present to kick[...]

Things You Should For Technical Javascript Interviews

Recently, I've been interviewing a lot of JavaScript developers and unfortunately, we've had to turn a lot of applications down. In this tutorial, I'll talk about why we failed some of these candidates. If you want to get a job using JavaScript then[...]

Social Media Lookup Test

Write an application that: Takes in a person’s name Searches a social media network for that person Returns known details for that person Feel free to connect to any social media site you want (eg. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), or even mock y[...]

Guards In Javascript Using Invariant

In this tutorial, you will learn a technique that if used correctly, can help you write code that contains fewer bugs.  When writing any software, writing testable code is key.  Unit tests should guarantee that the code you have written does what it [...]

Headless And Umbraco - Should You Use it?

Recently I've had a lot of clients considering if they should go headless. In this episode, I talk about the pro's and con's of headless CMS in Umbraco. For the last year, I've been building headless solutions for a large well known e-commerce site.[...]

What Is Functional Programming In Javascript?

In this tutorial, you will gain an understanding of what functional programming is and how you can use some functional techniques to help you write more concise and easier to understand code.  Functional programming has been around a long time.     [...]
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