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NDepends with Patrick The Lead Developer From NDepends

I constantly research and experiment with new tools to try and make me more productive.  Recently, I've been playing with NDepends which is a code analysis tool that promises to help you write better code.  Recently, I had a very special interview wi[...]

What Is NDepends?

Building high-quality and well-crafted software is not an impossible ideal, regardless of how much experience your team possesses, or how tight a deadline might be you can ensure that quality is part of your process.  Without the right process or too[...]

JonDJones June Update

6 months ago I made a few new years resolutions. In this episode, I open up about how my journeys progressing, what's working and what's not. In this episode, I talk frankly about how I think this channel is going, my website, my business and the thi[...]

What Is A Headless CMS?

In this episode, I talk about headless CMS systems and what they are,. I've recently been working on large enterprise CMS that's headless and I share some insights about how I've found it. For those of you who haven't heard of headless, it's the new[...]

Secrets to Staying Motivated When Learning to Code

In today's episode, I give an update report on my progress of becoming a super awesome full stack dev. Last year I struggled to find the motivation to learn one new language, however, in the last few months I've learned two... so what changed? After[...]

How To Deploy Your Umbraco Website To Production

In this video, I give some tips on how you can deploy your website to a production website. If you are manually copying config and files to servers then you are doing it wrong. Umbraco makes automatic deployments super easy and simple. You can use ei[...]

Tips On How To Scope An Umbraco Website

This weeks question was asked by an Umbraco freelancer called Tom. Tom has lots of development experience but his client has asked him to pop in and help them scope up a project. In this episode, I talk through the process I normally use when I'm on[...]
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