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How To Unit Test That A Log4Net Error Has Been Made

When you test your code you want to test two things.  That the successful route and the unsuccessful route through your method works as expected.  One way of doing this is to write a unit test that checks that Log4Net has written a message.  Luckily,[...]

Umbraco Vs Kentico Vs DNN - Which CMS Should You Learn?

I received an email this week from some called Nicola. Nicola was in a situation similar to mine a few years ago. She has experience with commercial CMS systems, however, she now wants to learn something that will help her earn some freelance money. [...]

How To Pass Parameters Between A Content Area To a Block

In today's guide, I'm going to explain how you can pass parameters from a content area into a block.  Before we get into the code, I should point out that I've probably only needed to do this once or twice.  In most instances, if your page and your b[...]

Should You Keep Your Umbraco Website Patched?

One of Umbraco's main strengths is having a great core team that releases constant new patches and updates.  This means that when you log into your Umbraco backend, you'll be prompted to upgrade on a very regular basis. If your anything like me, it's[...]
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