Are You Being a Robot In A Job Interview?

Many job seekers all over the United Kingdom feel anxious during a job interview, especially if you do not have a lot of experience of interviews. Given the tight competition in the industry, if you are looking for an IT job, one of the things that you should do is to learn how you can ace the interview and to make a positive impression. By learning a few key skills, you will be boost your chances of dramatically improving the impression you make on the interviewer. One of the main tips most people overlook is remembering to avoid being a robot during a job interview. Instead, you should know how to act naturally and just go with the flow while remaining composed and professional. That may sound like a bunch of fluff but read on to find out some practical tips.

What Makes You Act Like a Robot

Acting like a robot during a job interview simply means that everything seems scripted. Rather than being able to answer questions based on how you truly feel, you resort into using scripted responses you get online. If you are preparing for an interview and you want to seal the IT job you have always wanted, make sure to sound like a human who is interested in the position and not like a robot delivering over-rehearsed and inauthentic lines. Remember, your interviewers are skilled in assessing people, and hence, it will be easy for them to spot if you are being a robot. One tip I use is to try and inject a bit of humour into my responses. This trick is definitely not for everyone but if you want to make the interviewer smile, it can give you the edge for landing the job.

How Not To Be A Robot

To prevent being a robot in your job interview, one of the things that you should do is to be prepared, especially from a mental perspective. As always, it is recommended that you research the background of the company, such as their achievements in the past and their competitive environment. This will help you answer more questions thoroughly. You should be prepared, but this does not mean that you have to memorise. Another thing that should be done during a job interview is to be passionate, interested, and engaged. Correct responses to interview questions will not matter if the interviewer will not see your willingness to be there. Regardless of how technically knowledgeable you are in IT, if it is apparent during the job interview that you lack interest and motivation, you will most likely fail. More so, if you do not know how to respond to a question, avoid making up answers and creating a tide of words. Take pauses, if necessary, so you will be able to carefully think of how to frame your response instead of continuously babbling nonsense. If you want to know more on how to act at your best in your next job interview, guaranteeing that you will be able to be accepted for the job position, sign up for our newsletter. We will provide you with tips and tricks that have been proven to be effective to help you to get the job you want.

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Jon D Jones

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