How to Prepare for a Technical Interview

Once you have applied for and landed an interview for a new job you may find yourself a little worried about the technical interview. There are many techniques out there that deal with technical interview preparation but sometimes they can be convoluted and not really get to the point. That being said there are plenty of tips out there that are great to use for technical interview preparation.

Technical interviews can be difficult and daunting and also full of questions that can be tricky to answer and to answer in a way that will put you through to the next round of the hiring processes. Some mistakes that many often make during a technical interview is that they do not directly answer the question they have been asked but rather beat around the bush and take an indirect route to a “sort of” answer. This is something that you do not want to do, and a great tip for preparing is to put together a list of possible question and then come up with direct response. You want to be as direct as possible but also still personable. You also want to use appropriate language and not use slang. Also try to use strong language for the type of job that you are applying for. This shows that you know what you are talking about and are familiar with the work that you will be doing at the new job.

Another great tip for cracking the technical interview is that you not only want to be concise with your responses but you should also not be afraid to say that you do not know what they are asking you about. If you are asked a technical question and you do not know the answer say so. You can then explain that you may not know about that specific area but that you are willing to learn and are open to learning about new areas. This shows that you are willing to learn new things and many employers are interested in employees that are willing to learn. Also take your time to formulate a good answer. Often interviewees feel rushed to answer quickly and may not take the time to properly formulate an answer and may respond with an answer that does not make sense.

There are many tips out there on how to prepare for and crack a technical interview. If you found these tips helpful then sign up for the newsletter and get a free eBook about technical interview techniques and tips.


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