Preparing For Technical Interviews Part 1

Preparing For Technical Interviews Part 1

Millions of people today will send out their work histories, apply for jobs via forms, and then get that coveted phone call. They’ll get a date and time to show up and get interviewed, and 99% of them will fail to land the job. The main reason why people fail to secure a job after an interview is simple, they don’t prepare. Even though many have been told to prepare, few people actually take the time to actually do so. If you want to stand out when you apply for a job and interview, make sure that you are in the 1% of people that land the job. Do so with a few tips that will help you prepare for even the most technical of jobs.

Practice Speaking Tech Vocabulary

Before you do anything, make absolutely sure that you are not going at it with bravado and hubris at your side. You need to humble yourself and understand that you are going to have to sell yourself and your skills to a company before landing a job. You have to impress whomever you’re interviewing with, and therefore, you will need to consider spending some time speaking clearly, enunciating vocabulary, and brushing up on the basics that you have. Never walk into a job where you have the notion of “expertise”, without any sort of preparation. Even if you’re the greatest programmer in the world, go back and get in the habit of talking out loud, it will pay off.

Practice Explaining What You Know

Do not go forward with your knowledge and expect a computer to be in front of you. In many technical interviews, you’re given a chalkboard or whiteboard, and you’re going to have to think on your feet. If you’re introverted, or just not keen on speaking in front of an audience, you will need to shake out of it. Practice by getting a piece of paper out, or a whiteboard for your home and explain what you know. Go online and find some practice questions, and have someone ask you what they are, and then draw explanations out on the fly. The more you learn how to communicate what you know, in a visual medium, the higher the chances are that you will impress the interviewer. Remember, you have to explain it to someone else, and they want to see whether or not you can think on your feet. Practice this, it will guarantee that you will not get passed up.

Go Back To The Basics

The biggest zinger that you’re going to get in a highly technical interview is simple. No, really, the simplest of questions are going to trip you up and you’re going to fall over yourself trying to rack your brain moving forward. With that in mind, go back and study some basics from when you first started learning programming. You may not have remembered the basics or perhaps you’re knee deep in complex algorithmic elements, which is fine, but be ready for the simplest of questions.

At the end of the day, you can get the job or not. If you want to ensure you have a fighting chance, subscribe to this newsletter to learn what interviewers in tech are looking for.

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Jon D Jones

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