Technical Interview Questions For IT

All businesses are aware of the importance of interviews in the hiring process. They work on making the most out of the interview opportunities that they come across. They plan the questions far in advance of any actual interview. The goal of any interview is to see if the one being interviewed would be a good match for the position that is open. Some of the technical questions are very clear and direct, while others may be probing type questions designed to reveal something deeper underneath the surface. An example of a straightforward question may be "why do you want to work for us and what positive things do you think you will bring to our company?" This is very direct but it also gives the interviewer some insight into just how interested this person is in getting this job. Employers are aware that just because someone doesn't interview well, does not mean they would not do a good job. On the other side of the coin, they realize that many people give great interviews only to turn out to be poor employees. That is what makes the interview process so crucial. It takes a good interviewer to be able to 'read between the lines' and to spot both strengths and weaknesses in the people they interview. Another good probing question is "tell me about a time when you were in a leadership position and had a good outcome. What were you the proudest of in that instance?"   This question is a good one when hiring someone for filling a technical position (like a tax accountant or IT manager). It will reveal the applicant's ability to plainly express themselves in a way that other people can understand it. The interviewer will listen closely to determine if the individual is able to get their point across in a clear and precise manner. If not, then they might not have the necessary skills to work with others and interact with other departments. This is a skill that is much needed in today's technological age. When interviewing for a technical position the interviewer must be equipped with technical interview questions for it. They may ask "what type of a work environment do you like best? What kind of atmosphere do you work your best in?" Here the interviewer is probing for specifics. They want to understand if this person is going to make a good fit for their company. They want to find someone who can be both a team player and able to work alone if necessary. Flexibility is always a good thing in an employee. The interviewer also wants to know if the applicant is over-expecting or if they really have a grasp of what the job is all about. Are they adaptable? Are they willing to learn? These are the types of things that interviews are designed to bring to the forefront.  

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