How To Export and Import Pages Within Episerver

When you work within a content team within a large organization, planning big campaigns, adding new products or getting ready for some special event usually means your company will have a staging, or, the testing Episerver environment to add your test content and try things out you use your live Episerver. 

The problem with this approach is that NO ONE wants to have to manually re-create those pages again in the live website.  If you've needed to create 50 pages, there's no reason to waste half a day copying and pasting content.  So instead, of having to waste hours of your life, Episerver provides a quick and simple page export/import feature.  In today's guide I'm going to cover that process.

Exporting Pages

To export a page you will need access to an 'Administrator' account.  If you don't have one, then ask your IT team.  Open Episerver and click the Admin link in the top navigation menu.

From the admin screen, click on the 'Export Data' link.

This will load the 'Export Data' page.  The instructions on this page are pretty simple.  To export content, tick the 'export' content items checkbox and then, click the button with the ellipses next to it, to load the content picker dialog.  From here, select the content you want to export when you are done press the 'select' button at the bottom.

When you are happy, click the 'Export' button and Episerver will generate a file with all your exported data in it, called 'ExportedFile.episerverdata'.  You can probably guess now, how you will import the files.

Importing Pages

To import the page, open up the administrator page in the Episerver you want to import the pages into. NOTE... you may also need to copy the export file onto that server!!!

Click the 'Import Data' link

In the 'Select an export file and upload' section, click the 'Choose File' file picker and open your exported file you created above.  

In the 'Select page destination' section, click the ellipsis button and in the page picker, choose the parent page in your Episerver website.  This is where the pages will be imported into.  Click the 'Begin Import' button and your pages will be imported!  It's that simple

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