Get friendly Url of a page in EPiServer

There are several ways of getting a Url for a page.  If you want to get a friendly Url from a view, then I would strongly recommend reading this post to see all the options available to you: Creating a friendly URL within your EPiServer 7 MVC View with Route Data. If, however, you want a quick and easy way in code, then I would recommend using the following approach:

        public string GetFriendlyUrl(string linkUrl)
            var url = new EPiServer.UrlBuilder(linkUrl);
            EPiServer.Global.UrlRewriteProvider.ConvertToExternal(url, page.PageLink, System.Text.UTF8Encoding.UTF8);

            return url.ToString();
You can then call the method using:
var friendlyUrl = GetFriendlyUrl(pageData.LinkURL);

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