Episerver Content Areas

A content area is a specialised Episerver property type that allows content editors to add dynamic components (like blocks) into CMS pages.  It is very common that you may need to customise this property, say to add integration with the bootstrap framework.  This section describes content areas in more details and covers some techniques to customise it.

Episerver 7 : Extra divs in content area how to remove them ?

In Episerver 7 onwards, you may notice that the CMS injects two tags above and below all content areas.  When it comes to keeping a static design in-sync with your CMS site, very often you will get broken styles and a lot of crazyness. The extras are[...]

How to Create a Custom Content Area Validator in Episerver?

In some projects, you may want to add some form of custom validation in your content areas, for example you may only want to allow 5 blocks in a carousel, or, you only want certain blocks to be allowed.  In Episerver there isn't a very easy way to do[...]

How To Restrict The Blocks Allowed Within A Content Area In Episerver

A common requirement on most websites is to restrict what blocks can be added to different content areas.  On most projects we usually implement a carousel.  To add a new slider into a carousel is usually done by adding a slide block into a content a[...]

How To Dynamically Insert Row Divs When Using Episerver Content Areas With Bootstrap

One of the hardest challengers for devlopers new to Episerver is designing the pagetypes and blocks in a way that makes the Episerver backend easy for content editors to use.  Trust me, if you design an EPiserver backend in a way that takes content e[...]

How To Add Bootstrap Row Validation Within Your Episerver Content Areas

When you work with Bootstrap within EpiServer, your HTML will still need to work on a row and column format in order for your pages to render correctly whenever a site visitor comes to look at it.  In the rules of Bootstrap, pages should be made up o[...]

How To Set A Default Display Option View For An Episerver 10 Block

Today's tutorial is going to discuss how you can set a default display option rendering size for your Episerver blocks.  If you are new to Episerver display options, then I suggest you read this article first, How To Configure Episerver To Allow User[...]

How To Make Your Blocks Render Correctly Within Episerver 10 Content Areas

A content area is an Episerverproperty that allows content editors to publish dynamic components like blocks and pages onto your Episerver webpages.  The first time every designer new to Episerver uses a content area they usually get a little shock. [...]

How to a render a page in a content area as a partial?

When working with Episerver we have page types and blocks. I've written previously about How To Make A Block Use Multiple Views ? A Partial View Controller Explained, today I'll talk you through how to display a page type as a partial. What is a pag[...]

How To Pass Parameters Between A Content Area To a Block

In today's guide, I'm going to explain how you can pass parameters from a content area into a block.  Before we get into the code, I should point out that I've probably only needed to do this once or twice.  In most instances, if your page and your b[...]

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