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If you have worked with .NET for a few years, odds are, you have touched a few projects that used log4net.  Log4Net is the go-to logging provider for all the major NET CMS systems, Episerver, Sitecore, and Umbraco all included. With close to 6 million downloads now, no other logging provider comes close to popularity.

I still find it hard to believe how many people who work on custom projects who don’t use any sort of C# logging framework, or, who don't really how to use Log4Net correctly with Episerver.  Having a good knowledge of Log4Net is important because with a little knowledge you can make you life a lot less painful for when things undoubtedly go wrong. 

Simply writing a few bits of configuration, you can do things like split your logs into different files, or, write your logs to a database, a log management system or potentially dozens of other places, all without changing your code.


How To Write Log4Net Logs Into A Different File In Episerver

When we install Episerver, the Log4Net package also gets installed. Having a pre-configured Log4Net file means that writing errors and information toa log file information is simple. As your website grows, only having a single log file can be problem[...]

How To Write To Your Episerver Logs When Using A Shared Code Library

If you work Episerver in a digital agency, or, for a client who has different brands, a good goal to shoot for is to follow the DRY principle and be ruthless to the amount of duplicate code you write.  If you're working on multiple Episerver project [...]

Log4Net Best Practices To Use With An Episerver Website

On a recent code base that I review, a previous agency made some interesting choices when it came to logging information into Episerver.  After doing a performance review on the site, every page load was wasting up to 2 seconds logging stuff.   Over[...]

How To Get Your Episerver Logs To Display Within Stackify

Being able to view your log files within one central location can make debugging and troubleshooting a lot simpler.  Like most things nowadays, there are several third-party products that you can buy to achieve this.  This year, it seems a lot of com[...]

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