Episerver Troubleshooting Tips

As developers, we all hit hurdles from time to time.  This section covers advice and battle proved techniques to help you figure out what’s gone wrong in your website.  If you are sat in front of your PC now with a broken build and you are unsure what to do.  I would recommend reading the articles in the Recommend Reading section to try and get some inspiration of what to try and where to look.  You can also ask me, I get emailed every week by people from all over the world and I generally respond to every request.  If you are still stuck, or can’t be arsed to email a complete stranger, you can also ask your question on the Episerver forums, as the Episerver community is generally pretty good and someone may answer for you.  Stackoverflow is always available.

Episerver : The Easiest Way To Add An Error Handler Into Your Epi Site

EPiserver uses Log4Net as its default error handler.  The benefit of Log4Net for a developer is that you can also use it with very minimal configuration.  Log4Net is a really simple and flexible error handling system which is far better to use instea[...]

Episerver : CS1519: Invalid token ',' in class, struct, or interface member declaration error

This is a quick one that will, hopefully, save someone out there an hour or two! Recently I was doing a deployment and I came across this error: I tried all the usualy IISREST, clean the temp .NET files a reboot but nothing worked until I real[...]

EPiServer 7 : The trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domain failed.

After installing the Alloy tech demo site, I've run into this error a few times on my first install when trying to log into the editor. Here are a few tips to try and solve it: 1. Make sure you are using the right user-name and password.  I h[...]

EPiServer 7 : Are you getting a ClientResources\ClientResources\packages.config error when logging in ?

After performing a pull from our SCR I got the following error when trying to log into the EPiServer editor.   After a lot of head scratching I figured out the issue was with my VPP folder, specifically the Nuget packages.  To fix the [...]

EPiServer 7.5 Visual Studio Warning : Where has the episerver.config and EPiServerFramework.config gone?

If you saw my last post about installing EPiSever 7.5 using the new Visual Studio Project template, I thought I'd share my experiences so far.   After I installed the site, I went in search for the epi.config and after some head scratching became puz[...]

Help! We keep adding new projects to our solution and accidentally keep upgrading Episerver!

Recently, Episerver have moved to a bi-weekly release schedule, which is great as you can constantly upgrade.  The bad side of this is, if you're working on a large project with 7+ people, when someone adds a new project, goes to Nuget installed Epi.[...]

8 Tips To Help You Trouble Shoot Episerver Issues

I find that debugging and fixing errors probably takes up 25% of my day.  Sitting in front of a PC not knowing why something is broken is very annoying, to say the least.  Over the years, I have, unfortunately, had to come up with and discover many d[...]

Can not upload an image file in EPiServer?

When you start work on a new Episerver project, at some stage a content editor will want to upload an image into Episerver.  When you try to upload an image using the Media Library uploader, you will see a failed upload message. Why does this ha[...]

Common Mistakes People Make On Their Episerver Build

Over the years, I have worked on some really good projects and I've also worked on what could have gone a lot better.  Hindsight is a beautiful thing to have, but without learning from mistakes, you'll never design world class solutions. With that in[...]

Episerver Property Is Always Null

This post is a short and simple one to try and prevent people wasting precious time trying to figure out why your Episerver property is always returning null. When you start to create properties on your pages and blocks, it's easy to miss keyw[...]

Decreasing Episerver Startup Time

There's nothing more frustrating than sitting in front of a blank screen waiting for your site to load. The longer your pages take to load the more likely you will lose traffic. On some of the projects I've worked on, the project's start-up time has [...]

Top Tips To Get An Existing Episerver Project Up And Running

I work frequently with numerous clients on different projects and the first big hurdle in being able to make any impactful changes is being able to get the existing site up and running on your development machine. In some instances, you might be work[...]

How To Log Into Episerver When You Don't Know A User or Password

This article is a continuation of Top Tips To Get An Existing Episerver Project Up And Running. Often when I start at a new company, I won't have a log-in to get access to Episerver and I'm left to my own devices to get started. In today's guide, I'm[...]

Getting a 503 Error Service Unavailable When Installing Episerver

Over the years, this issue has happened to me a few times and I always seem to forget the cause and spend 10-20 minutes remembering. This usually happens when I start working with a new client on a brand new laptop. After getting the solution to buil[...]

Activation error occurred while trying to get instance of type EPiDashboardController Exception

I've had this error a few times, usually when trying to install an existing Episerver website: 2016-11-21 14:45:15,586 ERROR [82] *******.Application_Error - Error caught in global.asax EPiServer.ServiceLocation.ActivationException: Activation er[...]

Episerver Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'label' of undefined(…)

Recently, I was tried upgrading my sample site from 7 to 10. Everything looked like it had upgraded and worked as expected until I tried to load the editor. When I tried to view the editor nothing loaded! Using Chrome's, 'Inspect' option, within th[...]

Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Episerver Start Page Fails To Load

On a recent project, we had a requirement to tear up /down the Episerver CMS database fairly frequently.  On a usual project, one of the first tasks I'd normally add to the backlog and I recommend that you do, is to get rid of any manual steps that y[...]

EPiServer.Global: 1.2.5 Unhandled exception in ASP.NET

Recently, I was trying to get an existing Episerver website up and running for a client.  After downloading the website from source control, installing the database, when I tried to view the homepage I got this error: 'You do not have permission to [...]

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