Importing Content Into Episerver Programmatically

At the start of all Episerver projects, your team will have to make a decision about how you will share content between different each of your developer environments, the QA server, pre-prod etc...  A lot of teams choose to simply manually add content into each environment.  If you have ever worked on an EPiserver project you will know having to manually wipe a database and then manually add in all the content again is painful.  As you're developing the site and new page types get added, properties change etc.. the need for trashing a database and starting from scratch can happen on a weekly basis.

If you care about your Ci/Cd process, you'll want to automate this process, so when your website builds from a clean slate, a homepage, child pages, menu items, images etc.. all get created automatically.  There are a few ways of doing this within Episerver, with the two main players being the content API or the inbuild Episerver import/export service.  The tutorials in this section will show you both ways.  

For a quick introduction, using the Episerver import/export service is the simplest and quickest way to get working.  Using the content API is a lot more robust but be warned it will take a big chunk of time to write all the set-up code by hand!



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