IT Contracting Rates October 2014

This post is the first of a quarterly series that will show the average rates for IT contracting jobs for this month.  The data is taken from all the job adverts I have been emailed, within the last 30 days. The rate a contractor can charge not only[...]

The London Contracting Market 2015... The Story So Far...

With so much going on in 2015, it’s no surprise that the big business worlds are beginning to really see themselves grow and develop as we head towards the summer. However, the contracting market is really experiencing some exciting new twists in the[...]

IT Contracting Rates In London First Quater 2015 Edition

This is the second post showing the average day rates for IT contracting jobs. The data is taken from the last 50 job adverts I have been emailed within the last 30 days. The aim of this series is to let you know what the average wages are for IT [...]

The 9 Best Mobile Apps For Contractors

Whether you're about to branch out into contracting, or, you're a seasoned pro, you should be fully aware of how competitive the job market can be at times. In order to give yourself the best chance of success, you need to know about and use the best[...]

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