Sitecore Content Editors Guide

The Sitecore content editors guide is a comprehensive yet easy to read instructions for editors and marketers performing everyday tasks within Sitecore. The aim of this guide isn’t to be some stuff, techno jargon-filled document that's painful and tedious to read, instead, my aim is to create a simple Sitecore manual that will help you to get an overall understanding of the features that you are likely to use day-in-day. The tutorials in this area assume no prior knowledge of Sitecore and will cover the most common tasks an editor would likely face providing clear instructions and helpful guidance.


How To Re-Index Your Search Results In Sitcore

When you work with Sitecore, there maybe times when you need to update your search indexes.  The search indexes are the files that are queries when website visitors do things like perform a website search, or, query for content within Sitecore itself[...]

How To Switch Between The Core and Master Database in Sitecore

When a lot of newcomers start with Sitecore, one concept that people can struggle with is the difference between the Core, Master and Web databases. In most CMS systems you have a single database instance that stores everything related to your site. [...]

How To Find Out Which Version Of Sitecore You Are Using?

If you find a bug with your Sitecore website, one of the first things Sitecore support will ask you for is the Sitecore version number that the site is running on. If you forget, then finding out which version a site uses is pretty simple. Go to the[...]

How To Rebuild Your Sitecore Link Database

In today's guide, I'm going to quickly cover what the link database is and how to re-build it. When doing any sort of major Sitecore upgrade, rebuilding the links database is an important step, so it's useful to know how to do it. What Is The Siteco[...]

How To Rebuild The Sitecore Search Index

In today’s guide, I’m going to quickly cover how to rebuild the Sitecore search index. How Do I Rebuild the Link Database? Go to the Sitecore desktop: On the desktop click the Start Button -> [...]

How To Log Into The Sitecore Editor

The first things most people will want to do when they get started with Sitecore is to log into the backend and have a look around. If you want to do any sort of web page creation, content editing, or administration on your website, then you will nee[...]

How To Log Out Of The Sitecore Backend

Logging out of Sitecore is so simple, that it almost doesn’t deserve a blog post.  Your account information is on the top right-hand side of the editor. Click, 'Log out' and away you go…  Simple![...]

Sitecore Launchpad Explained

The Sitecore dashboard is your gateway into Sitecore.  At first, it might seem a little daunting.  Sitecore comes with a lot of tools for you to use. The dashboard is split into four main areas 'Marketing Applications', 'Content Editing', 'Con[...]

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