4 Video Marketing Tips You Can Use With Umbraco CMS

Since the invention of the television, businesses and marketers have used video as a means to move their audience, with the intention of converting those viewers into sales. TV represented a huge revolution in the marketing industry and became the primary means by which the biggest brands advertised. TV did have one major set back and that was its relatively high cost, making it only obtainable by the biggest companies. This remained the same until the internet revolution of the last 20 or so years, that made it so that brands, big and small, could create video content and distribute it for their marketing campaigns. Today video marketing is one of the best ways for marketers to reach their audience. According to facts from WebsiteBuilder, content creation is a billion dollar industry that drives the modern economy and sells products and services to the masses through various online mediums. YouTube alone has 182.2 million unique viewers a month, watching on average 9.5 minutes of video per day. Additionally, the second highest ranked video content sharing site, Facebook, has over 1 billion users and is expected to see video content triple by 2020, which should make up 90% of their content by 2018. With a potential market spanning the globe, video marketing is the now of advertising and here are 4 tips to supersize your campaigns and go viral.

Produce Unique Engaging Content

With video marketing available to almost anyone, the market has become saturated with more videos than could ever be viewed in a single lifetime. It is now up to the marketer to create something unique, emotionally moving and engaging, in order to cut through the vast library of online content. Marketers who fail to do so will find their message lost in the crowd. The number 1 tip is to make unique and interesting content that hits home with your target audience.

Video Length

According to the statistics, 15-second ads have 54% ad recall and 42% message recall and is considered the best length for video marketing. For more established brands, 10-15 seconds has a 55% aided ad recall. As for YouTube specifically, 30-second ads are better than 15 sec ads, having 30% more VTR. As for e-commerce, the ideal length of a video is under 30 seconds. So, the main takeaway, in terms of length, it's kept short and sweet.

Time of Day

When posting video content, especially on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s important to post at the right times of days to reach the biggest audience. Video viewing on these platforms tends to peak between 12-5pm and posts of content should be made accordingly.

Platforms & Targeting

It's important to ensure a well-rounded campaign that targets various platforms. 59% of successful marketers use placement targeting on YouTube. E-mail video marketing again is a great option as it improves CTR (click through rate) by up to 3 times and customer loyalty by 35%. Using Facebook is another top option, as 59% of video shares happen on Facebook. Other great options for targeting are to use Facebook ads manager and YouTube’s true view, as it ensures you only pay for the audience you actually reach.

Video Marketing Tips Takeaway

Video is definitely a hot topic in digital marketing, with an ever-growing number of vlogs and facebook live events, if you're not doing video then you'll be left behind the curb.  If you want to learn a little more about video marketing I suggest you read, 127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Marketing

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