Creating Flexible Layouts In Umbraco

One of the main reasons a client will want to build their website within a CMS is to give them the ability to give them the power to build their website, without having to get a developer involved.

Historically, most Umbraco projects I worked on, involved in delivering a few templates with pre-fixed layouts.  The document-types powering these templates, allowed content editors to update the content but it gives them the limited power to change the layout compared to some other CMS system like Episerver, or, Sitecore.

In Umbraco 7.2 a new GridView property was introduced.  The Gridview property gives content editors a lot more power over how they build a page. 

Content-editors can now been given the power to create components - like banners or call to action blocks - into designated areas into templates.  This power means they can decide how the layout of a page should look within Umbraco, without needing a developer.

If this is something that your content editors would love, then this section is for you.  In this section, you will learn more about the GridView property, how to use it within Umbraco and my recommended approach on how to develop components to use within them.

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