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How To Become A Rockstar Umbraco Developer

I've been working on CMS projects for over a decade and over that time I've worked with some bad developers, some good developers and a handful of rockstars.  When I first started my career, I thought that being a rockstar developer was just some mag[...]

Should I Upgrade My Current Umbraco Website Or Start From Scratch?

Developers tend to disagree on numerous topics, but as we all work in technology, the one thing I think we can agree on is that shit changes, rapidly, quickly and consistently. Like any good product, Umbraco releases updates to improve the product, c[...]

Why You Should Be Using The Latest Version Of Umbraco

From time to time I seem to get an email from one of you guys asking whether it’s safe and if it's worth the hassle to update their Umbraco site to the latest version.  If you are wondering whether you should update your Umbraco website to the latest[...]

How You Can Make Your Umbraco Project Run Smoother

In terms of the universe, we're all alive for a relatively short-period. There's a big difference to your happiness, sanity, and self-esteem from working on a cool project and working within some nightmare organization where things get so bad you can[...]

Should You Specialise in Umbraco Development?

I received an email recently from a reader asking if career-wise, it's a good choice to learn and specialize in Umbraco.  The chap's quandary was basically, is it better to be a generalist web developer compared to being a specialist in one particula[...]

Should You Use A ThemeForest Theme When Starting A New Umbraco Website

An option to consider when you want to quickly design a new Umbraco website is to use a premade HTML theme from a website like ThemeForest.  Over the years, I have built huge websites from scratch with a big team of frontend developers.  I've also bu[...]

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